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Check out the free online tutorial archive now to learn the process of making voiceovers for documentaries, audio books, corporate presentations, flash presentations, e-learning software, radio and television commercials, TV promos, voicemail, movies, cartoons, video clips, game shows, etc. with Audio4fun’s favorite software Music Morpher Gold 3.0.

You have a sound file but don’t know how good or bad it is? You want to know the exact quality of it in case you use it for recording, converting, mixing with other files later, and so on? We will show you how to get actual quality of a certain stream.

Step 1: Go to Skin menu and switch to Classic Skin.

Step 2: Start playing a song, which you intended to record later, to check its quality out.

Step 3: Get the actual quality of a stream. As soon as the song is played, the sound channel (mono or stereo) and frequency (e.g.: 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz) will be automatically placed at the specific position that complies with the quality of playing song and you will not able to move it any more, except for stop playing the song.

With Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 built-in Recorder, you can record voce input from many sources: mic, chat or PC phone conversation, music online audio… and save your recording in various formats. This is perfect for creating and editing different voices used in movies, presentations, website. And knowing the quality of playing stream (playing from any media player) will make editing later become easier.

Here are few steps you can make your web site sing:

1. Get audio source

You can record your own audio from microphone with either Music Morpher or Voice Changer Software. However, if you want to record internet broadcast audio, chat conversation, or PC phone conversation, you will need to use Voice Changer Software because this software can record from any source you can have. There is always the simplest way, which is to look around for an existing audio file; Music Morpher supports mp3, mp2, wav, wma, ogg, nist, ape, aif, au, irc formats.


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