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With the new MP3 Player, AV Voice Changer Software will be a distinguished tool among many voice changer hardware and software in the market. This is the newest announcement of Audio4fun.com since all three newest editions of AV Voice Changer Software 5.5 were released a couple of weeks ago.

With the main function of changing people’s real voice into different voice outputs, AV Voice Changer Software 5.5 can also alter voices/sounds from an audio stream with the newly built MP3 Player. Now users can enjoy music with this software in addition to having fun via chat rooms or PC-2-Phone.

What makes this MP3 Player special over other usual software in the market today?

Nicosia, Cyprus – Audio4fun Sound Center have just updated their sound collection with more new funny and scary sounds for pickers to free download. Sound Collection can be found at //www.audio4fun.com/funnysounds.htm

The Sound Collection is displayed into separated categories which are Natures sounds, Funny sounds, Animal sounds and Weird and scary sounds. Moreover, there are some further sound effects that help audio clips makers color up their sound file.

The Nature sounds introduce a wide range of wildlife sounds such as ocean sounds, rain sounds, thunder sounds and many more. Most of entries are entirely new.

Today, Audio4fun.com releases AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 with enhances in Voice Comparator module as well as voice changing algorithms. The new version includes 3 new features which are Parody Maker, Parody Mixer and Voice Analyzer. You will find in this new version a new look with artful GUI.

For release week, there are 5% coupons for new users and upgrade coupons for those who have already owned one of Audio4fun products.

You can refer to Tutorial page to learn how to create parody voices with the new Parody Maker and Parody Mixer. Mimic other voices instantly and have fun!

Voice comparator is the second most favorite feature of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 according to latest research, announces AVnex.

“Although it’s just a very new feature and available in the Diamond edition only,” says Helen Le, marketing manager, “Voice Comparator has emerged as one of the most attractive features, second to high-quality voice output only”.

Voice comparator involves the simulation of a celebrity’s voice. Users can use the software to morph their voices to resemble the likes of Britney Spears or Bruce Willis.

God knows what they will do next with those Britney sound-alike voices or Bruce ones. But making prank calls and producing parody songs are interesting possibilities.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 is the only voice changer that boasts this comparator. No wonder has it surpassed six hundred thousand downloads on CNET alone.

AV Voice Changer Software users can drop in and check out how they can imitate celebrity voices at //mp3-player.audio4fun.com/free-online-tutorials.htm

The new tutorial focuses on one of AV Voice Changer Software’s most outstanding feature in Voice Comparator. According to latest research, Voice Comparator is second to High Quality Voice Output only in terms of favor.

It’s a simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance on how you can morph your voice to resemble the likes of the Britney Spears or Bruce Willis. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond is the only voice changer that allows user this luxury tool.

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