Online Game/VoizGame – Visit Download Store of Music Morpher Center at to free discover the most-wanted music editing tools for various music purposes.

Music Morpher Center is a well-known place of music fans and high-tech music equips hunters. This center is developed to be as not only an online shop but also a music tutorials store as well as a downloadable music software site. The download store allows Windows PC users to free download many MP3 software to use with no time limitation.

There are 3 editions of AV Music tools introduced at this center:
- Free basic AV MP3 Player-Morpher 3.0, which is considered as a high quality audio player.
- Free basic AV Music Morpher 3.0 selected as favorite home audio editing software.
- Free basic AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0 voted as advanced DJ equipment for more professional users.

Check out step by step instruction for this tutorial below:

- Select a Pre-setting nickvoice
- Adjust the settings
- Save settings as a nickvoice

AV VoizGame is a unique voice chat tool which changes users’ voice to any desired voice outputs, regardless of gender and age by changing Pitch, Timbre, using “nickvoices” library and applying various effects. With VoizGame and Ventrilo, gamers can change their real voice to disguise themselves in various online games’ characters (electronic voice of a robot, shrill cry of a sorcerer, etc.) and thus, make the game more vivid and thriller.

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Online game is actually a huge community of old and new members as once upgraded, every player has to feel his/her way for a brand new adventure with unlimited exciting and thrilling stage.

The phrase “MMORPG” (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) becomes more popular than ever and no longer do players have to face monotonous individual games but they can now interact with hundreds or thousands of other players from all over the world. Voice Chat & Game is an indispensable step for a gamer to join in the games world.

This page will introduce how to make TeamSpeak work with VoizGame.