To introduce and enrich its newly-released Funny Space, Music Morpher Center has started a hectic promotion program on their site with detailed information at:

Funny Space is actually an expanded area of Audio4fun Community which introduces a lot of collected funny stuffs. However, the newest Funny Space brings out various self-created funny entries made by AVnex Creative Team. All of them can all be made and edited by AV audio video editing software.

Funny Ringtones corner allows visitors to enjoy and download up to hundreds of funny ringtones to fashion their cell phones while Funny Sound Collection introduces profuse humorous sounds and voices for users to pick up for their diversified purposes. Visitors also can select some favorite ones among hundreds of funny greeting e-cards to send their meaningful messages to their beloveds and friends. Funny Remixes center is where music fans can enjoy their old most wanted in a totally different and hilarious style. Funny Cartoon and Funny Movies corners will make viewers surprised and happier by some new stuffs created by AVnex Team.

Voice-over makers can find their useful tutorials for their process with different purposes of entertainment and business. Explore this new tutorial at

Today, the trend of uploading personal video clips on some online submitting sites such as, is very popular. People want to create not only impressive images, but also many funny exciting sound and voices to dub their video clips. Thus, the demand of users asking for more high-tech multimedia equipment surely increases. To support various purposes of voice-over makers, AVnex Ltd. boasts a wide range of products that users can apply during their process such as Voice Changer Software, Music Morpher software, Movie Morpher Software. Among them, AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0 is considered as one of the efficient tool-kit for professional users in making voice-over for video clips or movies. This tutorial is built up to help users to manipulate this software with right functions and save their working time.

You know that a cassette tape can’t store so many songs as a CD or DVD, let alone your computer. You have an old favorite song in a tape but you’re afraid that it will be worn out? Audio4fun Community will help you.

Step 1: Connect your cassette to your computer using a cable with two 1/8-inch jacks at two ends. Plug one end in the Line-In input of your PC soundcard, and the other end in the headphone plug of your cassette player.

Step 2: Adjust the Windows Volume Control. Remember to adjust volume for Recording and check the Line-In and then lower the volume slider for better recording results. (more…)

- Open AV CD Burner by clicking Burner on the module toolbar.
- Press Create New Audio CD to create a new audio CD image.
- Click Add Files button to import audio files to the CD image.

Music Morpher Gold


Step 1: Open a song
- Open AV Music Morpher Gold and click Editor on the module bar to open AV Wave Editor.
- Click the Open File button on the toolbar to import a song into the module.

Step 2: Play the song
- Play the song by pressing Play button on the Player panel.
- Remember to turn on the Equalizer to enhance the sound of music. You can adjust all bands to your taste or choose an available preset by clicking the Presets button.
- Listen to it carefully and select a part of vocals to morph by clicking and dragging the mouse.
- Press Copy button on the toolbar (or Ctrl-C).

music tutorial


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