DVD Player Morpher/Movie Morpher

Music Morpher Center – Users now can apply two inventive AV multimedia applications to create their fully work-out movies or cartoons with some basic guidelines of the 10th tutorial.

Capturing images and dubbing sound or voices for movies are two different tasks that usually require two different steps in the manufacturing process. More and more people want to create their own films and video clips for various purposes such as entertaining, soul-made video gifts for friends or beloveds, business presentations, etc. However, it is surely that few people have enough money to set up a well-equipped studio or movie producing room. One of the best solutions for amateur movie producers is applying AV multimedia applications to support two mentioned tasks of images editing and sound/voice dubbing.

Audio4fun.com- Home movie makers can get their ideal movie making tool at Audio4fun Online Shop to produce video clips or movies for their loved pets.

AV Movie Morpher Gold 2.0 is an all-in-one and easy-to-use home movie editor which allows semi-professional film producers to make their own works. Developed upon the researching on the movie makers’ community, this movie editor software includes many functional features such as DVD Player, voice dubber, audio and video effects library, video converter, video capturer and many other useful features.

“You can start your home movie studio with only 3 equips: a high quality digital camera, a PC and of course AV Movie Morpher Gold.” said Terry Jin, Audio4fun Quality Control Manager.

Nicosia, Cyprus – To better support the growing users of Movie Morpher software line which has been launched since last October, Audio4fun Technical Team have worked hard to give out a profuse tutorial store for installing and using the movie editing software.

Those who are interested in movie editing and movie producing industry can visit this store at //mp3-player.audio4fun.com/free-online-tutorials.htm.

This tutorial store now comprises up to 13 projects that help users, especially semi-professional ones from the first step of installing the software to the following steps of exploring the favorite features of the tools.

Funny Space is a module, which allows you to download and play stuff from our web-site //www.audio4fun.com. It was designed to let our customers join the fantastic world of funny sounds, images and jokes. This module has the web-browser (where the web-page is displayed) and two sub panels: RSS list and Media list (where you can adjust and control download process).

Step 1 – Install .NET Framework 2.0
Step 2 – Operating Funny Space Browser
Step 3 – RSS List Pane Settings
Step 4 – Media List Pane Settings
Step 5 – Working with Context Menus

To support the practical need of customers, Audio4fun Customer Care Team has recently introduced the third tutorial of extracting audio soundtrack of a film or DVD disc. Step-by-step instruction is presented at //mp3-player.audio4fun.com/tutorials/movie-morpher-tutorials-project03.htm

“I love the song ‘Christmas is all around’ from ‘Love Actually’ movie and want to have this sweet soundtrack to prepare something special for our coming Christmas,” said Caroline Bradford, USA.

“We’re doing research of how to apply Voice Changer Software in film production. We need to take out the original film’s soundtrack to practice with Voice Changer Software. If we are successful, we find out a way to save much money for film production,” said Terry Dan – a postgraduate of filmmaking school.