Check whether your soundcard is Full Duplex or Half Duplex as follows:

- Start two copies of the Sound Recorder. (Start –> Programs –> Accessories –> Entertainment –> Sound Recorder)

- Load a wave file into one of them (File menu –> Open –> you can probably find some wave files in C:WindowsMedia)

- Play the wave file on the first Sound Recorder.

- While the sound is still playing on the first sound recorder, hit the record button on the second sound recorder.

- If you receive no errors, your sound card is Full Duplex.

If your sound card is Half Duplex, contact the vendor or check out at the following page to find out more about sound car

If you like music and you can sing, I’m sure that you may have a dream of possessing a recording studio of your own so that you can record your singing and produce your CD. However, such dream, in general, costs you a lot. Besides the facilities like production studio construction… you are also required a bunch of expensive recording system.

But thing has changed with AV Music Morpher Gold. With this compact, easy-to-use software now you can really enjoy an in-home recording studio.

1. Adjust the Advanced Tune close to O and do not set all Equalizer bands too high to have a clearer voice.

2. Use a headset (instead of a microphone and speakers separately) to avoid echo and static.

3. If you are bothered by the background noise, do not worry. Double click on the small speaker in the right corner of your taskbar > the Volume Control comes up > Options menu > Properties > check “Recording” and all recording controls in the list > OK > the Recording Control comes up > select Microphone and drag its volume down till all extra noise disappears.

4. For more convenience, open the Volume Control (the small speaker in the right corner of your taskbar) and check the MUTE box under Microphone. By this way, your original voice is muted, and you can hear only one voice output – the altered voice.

5. Remember to turn off VCS while playing back recorded files by other audio players. Otherwise, they will be morphed one more time, and the quality will not be as good as what has been set.

Here are few steps you can make your web site sing:

1. Get audio source

You can record your own audio from microphone with either Music Morpher or Voice Changer Software. However, if you want to record internet broadcast audio, chat conversation, or PC phone conversation, you will need to use Voice Changer Software because this software can record from any source you can have. There is always the simplest way, which is to look around for an existing audio file; Music Morpher supports mp3, mp2, wav, wma, ogg, nist, ape, aif, au, irc formats.


1/ Double click on the small speaker in the right corner of your taskbar
2/ The Volume Control comes up
3/ Select Options menu
4/ Select Properties
5/ Check “Recording” and all recording controls in the list
6/ Click OK
7/ The Recording Control comes up
8/ Select “Stereo Mix
9/ Open AV Music Morpher Gold 2.0
10/ Activate its Recorder and freely record any sounds played on your computer, either online music or soundtrack from a DVD.

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