Nicosia, Cyprus – To better support the growing users of Movie Morpher software line which has been launched since last October, Audio4fun Technical Team have worked hard to give out a profuse tutorial store for installing and using the movie editing software.

Those who are interested in movie editing and movie producing industry can visit this store at //

This tutorial store now comprises up to 13 projects that help users, especially semi-professional ones from the first step of installing the software to the following steps of exploring the favorite features of the tools.

Audio4Fun (a.k.a. AVnex Ltd.) has announced the release of its latest version of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0, with new features and enhancements.

The latest version includes four major, new features:
1- Voice Mimicker – By using similarity analysis, celebrity voice samples, and the ability to import anyone’s recorded voice, you can learn to mimic the voice of virtually anyone.
2- Parody Maker – This module can actually train you to sound like anyone’s voice sample.
3- Parody Mixer – Allows you to mix parody voices to make and save a new parody voice.
4- Voice Analyzer – This useful audio tool will analyze the three fundamental characteristics of your own voice; lets you view your voice in a graphical wave display, and then compares your original voice to your altered voice.

The explosive growth of Web 2.0 and user-generated content is changing the way we use the Internet and interact with one another. So congratulations, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2006 is you.

This year’s pick marks the 79th time the magazine has picked a “Person of the Year” since it started in 1927. Past winners include Charles Lindbergh, FDR, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Bill Clinton.

In picking a winner, editors attempt to choose the person who most influenced the news and current events during that year.

In its Monday edition, the news magazine has put a mirror on the front cover, meant to symbolize how all of us are transforming the Information Age. We beat out candidates including Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, among others.

Audio4Fun (a.k.a. Avnex Ltd.) has confirmed that its latest released AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 (// can check other people’s mind by changing users’ voice and disguising their real identity online.

If you want to check what your “love target” is thinking about you, read your buddy’s mind or even when you are skeptical about your spouse who seems to have an affair, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 can give you some tips to overcome all those problems.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 can change voice from male to female and vice versa and even create the sound of many kinds of animals. The software can be used offline and especially online when it is compatible with most popular chat applications such as Yahoo Messenger, AOL instant messenger, Skype, Paltalk, MSN, etc. as well as PC-to-phone programs. Therefore, customers can easily switch their real voice to another, choose a new nickname to chat online with their friend/spouse then take necessary actions: Pick a new nickname, talk with your targets and discover what you want to know…

The ability to burn legally downloaded movies to DVD came one step closer to reality Thursday, as a studio-approved system to prevent piracy was introduced. However, there are still obstacles preventing widespread usage.

Called Qflix, the technology was produced by digital media software company Sonic Solutions. Compatible drives, media, and video services will display the Qflix logo to allow consumers to identify who supports the new technology.

The technology that powers the Qflix system is called Content Scramble System (CSS) encryption. While CSS has already been used in pre-recorded DVDs today, content owners have been reluctant to allow it to be used publicly for fear of it being cracked.

Qflix will offer a secure way for this to be done at home, as well as allowing publishers to place restrictions on content, such as how many times they will allow a download to be burned to DVD.

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