Internet phone-What is it?

In addition to the old-fashioned phone lines, now we can use an Internet Phone service to send voice through the Internet. In general, we just plug the current telephone into a small box provided by our Internet phone company. That box, in return, plugs into our broadband connection. Pick up the phone to get a dial tone and press numbers on the keypad to call the person we want to talk with. We can call anybody in the world who has a phone. Alternatively, some services have softphones: our computer becomes our telephone, and we talk via a handset or a headset plugged into USB ports.


Yahoo Messenger 7.0 is out of beta, not calling itself version 7.0 any more but Yahoo Messenger With Voice.
Yahoo upgraded some new features such as constant-connection voice calling, drag-and-drop file sharing, drag-and-drop photo sharing, and a beta feature called LiveWords that searches highlighted text from the IM window.
This must be Yahoo’s answer to Skype and perhaps, an opportunity for AV Voice Changer Software to show its power!

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