The hippest new way to broadcast information on the internet, podcasting, crept into internet vocabulary in 2004. And the editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary have selected “podcast” as the word of the year for 2005.

Why is podcasting cool and so compelling? Unlike traditional broadcasting, podcasting allows you to select what you want to download to your iPod or other portable audio device and listen to later.

A podcast is the wide and growing world of a blog. And of course that’s mean it’s as that cheap: free and for all. The major difference is that a podcast involves audio content feeds of “live happenings” while a blog records what happened in the past. So podcast yourself and you’ll catch up the growing of technology.


If you are a teacher or a professor, obviously you will be vexed when one student gives a sneaky yawn in your class. Don’t hastily blame him but think twice about your lecture: may it lack a small fire of passion and creativeness?

If you are a student, you cannot wait to become a Jack Black’s pet in “School of Rock” as you can memorize a mathematical formula by a song and get A mark not because of any force but your true love.

All is about new pedagogy.

No student wants to listen to a rambling speech and many teachers try to add some games, small contests, etc. into the lessons with the hope that their class becomes more vivid. However, this world seems to be not enough without the wise recognition of the new technology’s usage.



Most of us may have the idea of disguising our voice once in a while for some purpose, especially small kids. Today, a wide range of voice changing tools are developed, both for kids and business purposes. Simple ones are masks for kids that can change voice to some other voices, and a small box used for mobile phones which can switch among 4-6 voices or so.

Digital voice changers make a great step further. Any voice or sound that goes through a computer can be changed dramatically thanks to the voice changing software, i.e. voice chat, IP phoning, computer recording, music playing, internet streaming,… There are more great possibilities you might want to discover:


According to a survey made by the Skype firm, awareness of net calling technology is steadily growing in Britain.

Almost half of those questioned said they knew they could make cheap phone calls via the net using the so-called voice over IP (Voip) technology.

The research pointed that those aged over 55 were the most likely to use the net to keep in touch with their relatives and friends. By contrast only 36% of 16 to 24-year- olds said it was their preferred route.


After a drawn out period of suspense, Apple has finally unveiled its iTunes-enabled phone. The device, manufactured by Motorola and named ROKR, will be carried by Cingular Wireless in the US. Additionally, various other mobile operators will carry the device outside of America, including British carriers O2, Orange, Virgin Mobile, and BT Mobile. “The Motorola ROKR represents the ultimate convergence of mobile communications and music,” said Ed Zander, chairman and CEO of Motorola. “Fusing iTunes with your always-with-you mobile phone, we’re revolutionizing the way the world experiences mobile self-expression and entertainment.”


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