Nicosia, Cyprus- has already created a new tutorial to guide their users to properly use the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.5 together with many new Parody Voice Packages.

With the built-in Parody Maker and Parody Mixer of the Diamond Voice Changer, the users can mimic any others’ voices, even Hollywood stars’ and all famous people’s.

To try this new function, of course the users need to have the AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.5 and then download the parody voice packages for free.

Audio4fun Game Center – “AV VoizGame is voted as one of the best high-tech weapons for online gamers to promote their games”, reported from a research in Audio4fun online game forums.

With smaller file size compared with almost other voice changer software, VoizGame is really a best voice application for online game players to play during their virtual battles. Skillfully applying this voice changing software, gamers can perform their characters lively and enjoyably.

This innovative product allows gamers to change their original voice into many different voices with 2 simple methods. One is that they can adjust 2 fundamental voice settings of Pitch and Timbre to create various voice outputs. The other way is that they can choose among the available nickvoices library to match with their various games’ characters. The software is well compatible with most of the chat applications such as Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco, etc and Online Role Playing Games: MU, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and many more. Thus, gamers don’t have to worry about their voice performance during various games played.

Music Morpher Center – Users now can apply two inventive AV multimedia applications to create their fully work-out movies or cartoons with some basic guidelines of the 10th tutorial.

Capturing images and dubbing sound or voices for movies are two different tasks that usually require two different steps in the manufacturing process. More and more people want to create their own films and video clips for various purposes such as entertaining, soul-made video gifts for friends or beloveds, business presentations, etc. However, it is surely that few people have enough money to set up a well-equipped studio or movie producing room. One of the best solutions for amateur movie producers is applying AV multimedia applications to support two mentioned tasks of images editing and sound/voice dubbing.

( – The AVnex Ltd.’s Music Morpher Center announced the reconstruction of its music software store,

Apart from a completely new design and layout, the website will offer expanded contents, added site options as well as enhanced navigation and usability.

“In today’s high-tech instant information age, it has been imperative for us as a leading online audio and video software provider to embrace new technological developments and design a new website that addresses the needs of our customers and online community,” said Louise Anderson, Brand Manager in charge of Music Morpher line at AVnex Ltd.

With the new MP3 Player, AV Voice Changer Software will be a distinguished tool among many voice changer hardware and software in the market. This is the newest announcement of since all three newest editions of AV Voice Changer Software 5.5 were released a couple of weeks ago.

With the main function of changing people’s real voice into different voice outputs, AV Voice Changer Software 5.5 can also alter voices/sounds from an audio stream with the newly built MP3 Player. Now users can enjoy music with this software in addition to having fun via chat rooms or PC-2-Phone.

What makes this MP3 Player special over other usual software in the market today?

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