AVnex Ltd. wants to encourage everyone to join in the fun this summer by providing a great summer discount on just-updated Voice Changer Software Diamond 6.0.27, a great 40% OFF the retail price at //

The highest edition of the AV VOICE CHANGER SOFTWARE line from Audio4fun, Voice Changer Software Diamond, is dedicated to voice changing and voice manipulating for online and local computer-based programs. It helps user change their voice in real time, add background effects, imitate any other voice, etc. Voice Changer Software Diamond is especially useful for users who want to be the Voice Master of Media in cyberspace. They can use it to have fun while chatting using instant messenger programs, do voice dubbing and voice-overs for their own video/audio clips, mimic the voice of their favorite Idol, make voice parodies, voice messaging or voice greeting, etc. The many packages of parody voices and its ability of voice comparison will help users to talk in the voices of many Hollywood stars and other celebrities. More information can be found at //

My name is Hamish and I happen to be a professional Sound Engineer. When I first started on this career path, studios were amazingly cool and elitist places only for people with super-hearing and super bank balances. When I started learning the tools of the trade your average recording studio looked a bit like a SSL mixing desk.
SSL mixes all the different sounds together and with the right person at the helm outputs an eye-wateringly magnificent production. It also costs about a million bucks. Luckily as time has gone on your average studio now looks a bit like a PC/Laptop.

AVnex today announces new builds of their Voice Changer Software products and has made them available on numerous download sites; improvements include new Vista skins, enhancements to the current modules and some small bug fixes. More information is available at //
After launching Voice Changer Software version 6.0.10 early July last year, AVnex has been working hard to improve and enhance this product line. Now, after nearly one year, build 6.0.27 has been released, reflecting the many improvements included in the version. Talking about this event, Tracy Norman, Brand Manager of Voice Changer Software line, said, “Users did not forget us, and we did not forget them either. This new build has many good improvements, especially regarding stability and the user interface. It’s cleaner and easier to use.”

AVnex Ltd. announces an update to their very popular, free Virtual Parrot screensaver. This groundbreaking technical application offers everyone, especially those who love pets, a virtual parrot that you can train. This free screensaver is integrated with smart audio and video algorithms; and brings something new and interesting to desktops. To have a closer look of this pet and download a free copy, please visit this page: //

The Parrot can talk, laugh, sing, mimic bird’s songs, and imitate human sounds thanks to available phrases in the free screensaver. Moreover, it can remember whatever it hears and repeat it later. Users can teach this virtual pet to talk in many voices, to remember and repeat whatever they want.
(more…) – March 19, 2008 – MP3 Player Morpher, the popular free MP3 optimizing software now goes one better by saving users money, finding up-to-the-second lowest prices with the Dealio Toolbar.

The toolbar, which now comes bundled with MP3 Player Morpher makes online shopping a snap. Users simply type in the product they wish to buy and Dealio returns the cheapest price, instantly. “It’s very hard to make a free product better value,” said Brand Manager Louise Anderson, “But I think we’ve achieved that. Not only do our users get MP3 Player Morpher for free, but they now get to save lots of money as well.”

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