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- What the Hell does Bill Clinton Want?

- Computer Joke – Bill Gates Demo

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World: “Sample Bang!” Smap (August 06, 2005)
USA: “Now 19″ Various Artists (for the week starting 06 August 2005)
Canada: “Monkey Business” Black Eyed Peas (August 04, 2005)
Europe: “X&Y” Coldplay (July 29, 2005)
UK: “Back To Bedlam” James Blunt (August 08, 2005)
Japan: “Don’t Believe The Truth” Oasis (08 August 2005)
Australia: “Double Happiness” Jimmy Barnes (August 08, 2005)

World: “Bang! Bang! Vacance!” Smap
USA: “We Belong Together” Mariah Carey
Canada: “Inside Your Heaven” Carrie Underwood
Europe: “Axel F” Crazy Frog
UK: “You’re Beautiful” James Blunt
Japan: “Love Parade” Orange Range
Australia: “Axel F” Crazy Frog

Yahoo! Audio Search

Yahoo Audio will not include songs from file-sharing sites such as Kazaa and Grokster, which are often used to trade copyrighted music. If a record label complains about any song featured on the site, Yahoo Audio will take it off the list. (According to USA Today)

Updated: Yahoo is NOT the first one with such a meta-search and rev share service: San Francisco based GoFish Technologies has had a similar compare-and-buy service for some time now.

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