While preparing for this year April Fools’ Day fun, visitors to Audio4fun.com are greeted with an interesting offer: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond and AV Webcam Morpher are offered at 30% off until the 1st of April. Many amazed users have shared their thoughts on the sale as well as the products. More info on the promotion can be found at: www.audio4fun.com/promotion.htm

The special offer on AV Voice Changer Software Diamond and AV Webcam Morpher comes at the right time for users to take advantage of this year April Fools’ Day fun. During the promotion, along with the usual feedbacks and support requests, Audio4fun has also received many comments on the promotion and the offered products.

“I guess I am one of the luckiest guys to have found the website at this time,” wrote Ricky, US, “I didn’t have any ideas for this April Fools’ Day until I found this. Now I’m afraid the day is too short for me to try out all the ideas.”

Having the same opinion with Henry, Jessica from UK wrote: “These programs are not what I was originally looking for, but I love them and they will be what I use the most for my April Fools’ Day and maybe upon other occasions as well.”

These users have their reasons. AV Voice Changer Software Diamond promises users with the most unpredictable tricks, from celebrity prank calls to “voiced-over” tricky video clips. The other program, AV Webcam Morpher, as its name implies, will morph the user’s webcam image into someone else, or add video effects to their own image.

“Most of my friends don’t know about this kind of software existing; this will be my advantage to play pranks on them,” added Ricky.

According to Ricky, tricks made by these programs are quite unique and will be more fun than old-style tricks. This thought is commonly shared by many other users who have also experienced Audio4fun’s two popular products.

“The promotion is working as intended. Many users are satisfied with their decision,” said Tracy Nguyen, Brand Manager of Audio4fun.com, “I hope by this April Fools’ Day, all users will have had a fun time using our products.”

The 30% off offer on AV Voice Changer Software and AV Webcam Morpher is still valid on Audio4fun.com store until April 1st. Interested users may visit the website at www.audio4fun.com/promotion.htm to grab the products and enjoy this year’s April Fools’ Day.