Valentine’s Day is coming, “love is all around.” Thanks to Avnex, lovers are going to have a special chance to express their most tender emotions. Besides traditional gifts such as chocolate covered candy hearts, Valentine’s Day postcards and champagne, perhaps something unconventional would be a great idea?

AVnex offers its customers a 30% discount for every purchase of Voice Changer Software Diamond, plus select one of these three products for free: Webcam Morpher, Video Morpher, and Music Morpher. More information about the program can be found at //

“Although some people may not think about using technology to express emotions, especially love; at Avnex we see lots of uses for technology in romantic or emotional ways, particularly for the expression of love,” said Tracy Smith, Voice Changer Software’s Brand Manager, “That is why we’ve decided to promote this product for Valentine’s Day.”

Voice Changer Software Diamond will make Valentine’s Day much more meaningful and unforgettable by morphing “the sound of lovers in love.” They can spend hours changing their voices together, mimicking famous singers, or making song parodies or even sound like George Bush or Bill Clinton speaking at their wedding. With Voice Changer Software Diamond’s baby nickvoice, it is possible to hear their future children babbling “Father and Mother I love you” or even create a future family talk. Lovers may make their voices much older for an imaginative future “pillow talk” when they are older yet still passionately in love together. Voice Changer Software Diamond provides lots of background sounds, including melodious birdsongs, the murmuring of the wind, the rustling of the spring and many other non-human sounds to create the perfect soundscape for your audio fantasies.

“We hope to make your Valentine’s Day a memorable experience which you will recall years later; and this will be a great honor for us, as the memory will always be associated with Voice Changer Software Diamond,” added Ms. Smith.
To those who have not found their perfect match yet, the program is still available, and AVnex even has a dating site //

The sale runs from February 8 – 16. For more details, please visit //