The creators of Pirate day, Ol’ Chumbucket and Cap’n Slappy, have stated that this is a fun day to do crazy things without being called mad. Of course, whatever you do must go with the pirate theme. Wear like a pirate, for example, is funny and crazy; take like a pirate is even funnier and crazier. But these are not all what people do on Pirate day, there are so many things that you can do for fun during the day. And here come what people often do on the day:

• Play pirate games
Almost every RPG game about the world in 18th or 19th century has at least a pirate. Pirates are described by two sides: good and bad. As heroes, they are funny, strong and brave characters, as villains, they are cruel and ugly but still very brave. Playing the games as a pirate, you can wear sword, sabre and sometimes, gun. You will be agile and strong. You can enjoy ship sailing, fighting and treasure hunting.

There are many games that have pirate out there. But for pirate-themed games, Pirates of the Caribbean game is one of the best, there is a MMO version of the game as well.

For casual gamer, the Facebook game: Pirate Ahoy is pretty famous to play and enjoy with friends.

• Wear like a pirate
A lot of costume stores are available to help people change into whatever they want. As pirate is so popular, you can easily find a costume of pirate. Wearing like a pirate on the Pirate day is awesome. And don’t worry, no one should call you crazy. It’s like wearing Santa’s clothes on Christmas. Moreover, by doing so, you help spreading the pirate day and pirate culture to other “landlubbers” out there. If you are a man, pirate costume will make you manly and strong (who don’t like a manly man?) If you are a lady, good news for you, most female pirate costumes are very nice and sexy. You will attract all the eyes like a magnet.

• Read pirate books
Books are very essential in many occasions, even in the Pirate day. First, by reading books, you will soon develop a love for pirate and pirate culture. This is very important to join the day. Then, you will have a general idea what pirate is and how pirate should be. And finally, you will learn the pirate lingo (a.k.a. pirate language). There are two types of books on pirate: the guide and the fiction. Some guides will tell you many things about the pirate: their habits, their code, other guides show you the way to act like them, to apply their culture in real life. The fiction tells pirate stories which are often very interesting. Those stories involve friendship and betrayal, life and death, treasures and dangers. You can enter the pirate world through imagination by reading those stories.

You can read a very interesting guide from the pirate day founder, Ol’ Chumbucket and Cap’n Slappy, The Pirate Life. And don’t forget one of the best fictions of all time, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

• Join a sailor crew
The growth of social network is even quicker than pirate culture. Now 450 million of people are using Facebook. As pirate is an established culture, it has a place on Facebook as well. You can easily find a group or a page that shares your interest in pirate. There’re thousands of pages and groups on this topic. And why should you join one? To find your crew and set sail. If you don’t set sail (obliviously, can’t), you can also join together for a pirate party and enjoy the cosplay and the pirate talking. To start, why don’t you join the International Talk like a Pirate day page on Facebook and start recruiting your crew?

Remember to be careful with your private information on social networks, you should check carefully your public info before making friends with stranger. It’s not safe showing your personal information to everyone.

• Sing pirate songs
The phrase “Yo ho ho!” is rather popular in many pirate songs. It is a common sailor chantey which has been specified to pirate after the book Treasure Island mentioned above. Pirate songs should be sung in group, best by a sailor crew. Those songs helps the pirates overcome the difficulties of sailors’ job in the past. Hoisting the sail was exhausting and needed a lot of men’s work and cooperation. By singing the songs, the pirates had a tune to adjust the rate and a motivation to work. In modern days, the songs are fun to sing together, especially in pirate-themed parties.

Some good pirate songs that you should consider: Song from Treasure Island book: Fifteen Men (Bottle of Rum) and Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song: Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A pirate’s life for me.

Yes, this is the main activity of the day, and you can do this everywhere, every time. Start by saying “Ahoy matey” and enjoy the rest of the conversation in pirate way. It is very fun, indeed. You can also compete with your friends, your colleagues and your siblings to see who talks like a pirate best. The good pirate talking is a combination of two things: the voice and the words. To start with, say “ye” for you, “me” for my or mine, and don’t skimp on the “ahoy” and “arrrrr!” Learn some more pirate lingo and add them regularly in your speech. The voice is the actual problem. Though there are guides for the pirate voice, but they are either just for fun or too difficult to follow. This thing may prevent some people from joining the marvelous day, others find it easy. There are many tools at the time to make things easier, like the Voice Changer Software from Audio4fun that have been known for its voice changing ability to dramatically change the tone, or the gender of a voice. Often at the time of the Great Pirate date, there are always discounts for the software at the store.

So now, you can totally join and enjoy the pirate day the leisure way.

Hoist the sail Cap’n, and fair winds, arrrrrr!