September 15, 2010, – International Talk Like a Pirate Day is coming around the corner, and Audio4fun unveils some pirate fun at //

On this occasion, offers their users a discount of 20% off the list price for their elite Voice Changer Software Diamond 7.0, the best Talk Like a Pirate Day tool online.

Besides, when purchasing Voice Changer Software Diamond, users can take part in Audio4fun’s Treasure Hunting Game to win big prizes.

The product’s Brand Manager, Tracy Norman, said, “Audio4fun would like to start something and make it traditional with this Talk Like a Pirate Day. Parents can make this a memorable day for their own kids so that they can plan fun activities to play together.”

“We imagine a new tradition like this: A family gathering around for some pirate fun,” Norman explained, “parents teaching their kids some pirate lingo; kids acting like Jack Sparrow or Barbossa or Bootstrap Bill; finally they can play a treasure hunting game together. While Christmas is an occasion for family members regardless of age to unite, we would like to make this Talk Like a Pirate Day a special day for small kids and their parents to try a different type of fun.”

In order to help users talk like a pirate, Audio4fun has also prepared a tutorial and a video to showcase Voice Changer Software’s ability to turn original voices into the low and husky voices of pirates.

That’s not everything. Winners of the Treasure Hunting Game will be rewarded with other top-notch Audio4fun’s products: Music Morpher Gold 5.0, Video Morpher 3.0, Webcam Morpher 2.0, Music Morpher 5.0, and especially, cool ringtone packages. Each prize is valued from $10 to $100.

Users will need to purchase Voice Changer Software 7.0 between now and this year’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19 to guarantee their participation in the game. Details about the promotion program as well as the game and awards can be found at //

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