Since its release in 2007, AVnex’s AV Video Karaoke Maker has been an instant hit. It has a four star rating on C|Net’s Download.com, and Audio4Fun.com is rated as the second most visited Music and Audio site on the web by Alexa.com! With all this success is AVNex satisfied? Apparently not. The newest release of AV Video Karaoke Maker (version 1.0.22) will give fans even more reason to cheer. With greater stability and overall improvements to this free software, AVnex will likely win over even more converts.

“The new DRM-free trend provides AV Music Morpher Gold 4.0 (AV MMG) lovers with smoother multimedia experience,” according to the AVnex Ltd. annual year-end report. As more and more major online digital music providers limit the use of Digital Rights Management technologies in their offerings, AV MMG users reported more fluency when they apply their own creativity to their tracks with the MMG software.

William Wilson, head of the Customer Service Department at AVnex, shared his findings; “In the case of Music Morpher Gold, about half of the requests for technological assistance received are from those who use the software with their DRMed songs. The unfortunate thing is they’re not fully aware of the limitations those technologies impose on their fair use, as well as the flawed nature of the DRM mechanisms. So whenever they’re stuck, they blame what’s immediately at hand: MMG 4.0. Thanks to the turn-around to DRM-free songs, AVnex is now cleared.”

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