AVnex Ltd. announces an update to their very popular, free Virtual Parrot screensaver. This groundbreaking technical application offers everyone, especially those who love pets, a virtual parrot that you can train. This free screensaver is integrated with smart audio and video algorithms; and brings something new and interesting to desktops. To have a closer look of this pet and download a free copy, please visit this page: //free-screensaver.audio4fun.com/free-virtual-pet.htm.

The Parrot can talk, laugh, sing, mimic bird’s songs, and imitate human sounds thanks to available phrases in the free screensaver. Moreover, it can remember whatever it hears and repeat it later. Users can teach this virtual pet to talk in many voices, to remember and repeat whatever they want.

www.musicmorpher.com – March 19, 2008 – MP3 Player Morpher, the popular free MP3 optimizing software now goes one better by saving users money, finding up-to-the-second lowest prices with the Dealio Toolbar.

The toolbar, which now comes bundled with MP3 Player Morpher makes online shopping a snap. Users simply type in the product they wish to buy and Dealio returns the cheapest price, instantly. “It’s very hard to make a free product better value,” said Brand Manager Louise Anderson, “But I think we’ve achieved that. Not only do our users get MP3 Player Morpher for free, but they now get to save lots of money as well.”

Internet jokers can now appear as anyone or anything they want with the recently released Webcam Morpher 2.0. Already web surfers are reporting sightings of aliens and talking animals in their favorite chat programs and are told to expect more as April Fool’s Day approaches.

The new version contains many new features including video clip sharing and a tool which allows users to create their own viewable webcam personality. “With a user’s online personality or ‘nickface’ now only being limited by their imagination, we’ll be very interested to see what they come up with,” said Tracy Norman, Brand Manager. “If people get stumped for ideas, they can always download new nickfaces from our website. We’ve got a new batch going up this week.”

Nicosia, Cyprus – www.audio4fun.com, the 2nd most popular audio and music website on the internet (source:Alexa) has opened the door to advertisers through a partnership with AdBrite, Inc.

Subscribers are now able to create effective advertising campaigns in minutes, viewable across thousands of audio4fun.com webpages by simply visiting //www.audio4fun.com/online-advertising.htm and opening up an Adbrite account.

“This partnership with AdBrite will provide a powerful marketing and distribution tool for Audio4fun advertisers,” AVnex’s advertising head Peter Steelberg said. “Audio4fun advertisers will have an easy way to target, schedule, deliver and measure advertising campaigns in a timely and efficient manner.”

www.Audio4fun.com – Since transitioning its popular music editor Music Morpher Gold (//mp3-player.audio4fun.com/mp3-music-editor.htm) to freeware and dropping the built-in advertisements, AVnex Ltd. says downloads have surged.

Over 1.5 million new users have downloaded Music Morpher Gold 4.0 since its official launch in May 2007, at an average daily rate 2 times greater than previous releases.

Music Morpher Gold 4.0, which hit the 1 million-download mark just 6 months after its official release, puts fresh pressure on other competing music editing software. AVnex Ltd. has said that the majority of downloaders were music lovers looking for an easy to use music toolkit. The all-in-one music editing software is widely available online on AVnex Ltd.’s websites, www.audio4fun.com, www.musicmorpher.com, as well as www.download.com and many others.

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