Regarding using Voice Changer Software in online chat zones, please follow these instructions:

- First open Voice Changer Software and you should notice that: the ON/OFF and DUPLEX buttons must be in GREEN (not RED).

- Choose a preset nickvoice or a nickvoice you created or adjust the Pitch & Timbre tools as well as other features to have a favorite voice output.

- Then open the Instant Messenger to start voice chatting with your friends.

Note: While chatting, you can also adjust Pitch, Timbre, Equalizer, Effects, and Advanced Tune as you like. The Recorder is available for any chat conversations.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0, the new generation of smart voice changer will be ready for download by mid January, 2007, confirms AVnex.

“AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 takes voice changing to a whole new dimension”, says Terry, head of Audio4fun Lab. “It’s very flexible and adaptable to your own special needs”.

Voice changing technology has always faced the same challenge: how to deal with the individualistic qualities of a specific voice. On the hands, the needs for voice output vary too.

Some needs a voice mask to hide their identities in romance voice chat. Others some robotic or devilish voices for extreme fun in MMORPG chat. Others again some funky voiceovers for cartoons or funny movie clips.

Audio4fun.com welcomes the New Year 2007 with good news for Voice Changer Software users. We’re on last minute bug fixing and expecting to launch this new version on Jan 10.

New features include enhancements in voice changing algorithms, new user-friendly interface, new modules: Parody Mixer, Voice Analyzer and Funny Space.

The ability to burn legally downloaded movies to DVD came one step closer to reality Thursday, as a studio-approved system to prevent piracy was introduced. However, there are still obstacles preventing widespread usage.

Called Qflix, the technology was produced by digital media software company Sonic Solutions. Compatible drives, media, and video services will display the Qflix logo to allow consumers to identify who supports the new technology.

The technology that powers the Qflix system is called Content Scramble System (CSS) encryption. While CSS has already been used in pre-recorded DVDs today, content owners have been reluctant to allow it to be used publicly for fear of it being cracked.

Qflix will offer a secure way for this to be done at home, as well as allowing publishers to place restrictions on content, such as how many times they will allow a download to be burned to DVD.

Funny Space is a module, which allows you to download and play stuff from our web-site //www.audio4fun.com. It was designed to let our customers join the fantastic world of funny sounds, images and jokes. This module has the web-browser (where the web-page is displayed) and two sub panels: RSS list and Media list (where you can adjust and control download process).

Step 1 – Install .NET Framework 2.0
Step 2 – Operating Funny Space Browser
Step 3 – RSS List Pane Settings
Step 4 – Media List Pane Settings
Step 5 – Working with Context Menus

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