On their Music Morpher website www.musicmorpher.com, AVnex Ltd. is conducting an event to celebrate their 3rd year anniversary as well as to welcome the new milestone.

Year 2004 saw the first release of Music Morpher, and since then, Music Morpher has been developing fast. Total number of download of three editions (MP3 Player Morpher, Music Morpher and Music Morpher Gold) hits 3 million up to this year.

To celebrate this special event and to remark the success of their products, Music Morpher Center is now giving away 300 plus versions of their highest edition, the all-in-one music editor Music Morpher Gold free. The first 300 users who do the small quiz www.musicmorpher.com/anniversary-quiz.htm will be the lucky ones to receive these free licenses.

“We understood that there are many users who want to ‘bring home’ our Music Morpher Gold but somehow cannot afford it,” said Louise Anderson, Music Morpher’s Brand Manager. “That’s why on this special occasion, we’re giving free 300 licenses as a gratitude message to our dear and loyal members.”

She added, “Those users who miss the free licenses also have an opportunity to purchase our Music Morpher Gold at $30 OFF of the discount price for this summer $70. That means this versatile music editor is only at $40. There are 3,000 coupons to be delivered this week.”

The small quiz is quite easy for those who have been acquainted with www.musicmorpher.com. However, new members can also get hints easily on the website’s Download page and News Center.