June 19, 2007 – Today, Music Morpher Center has just announced the special summer prices for all products at their home page http://www.musicmorpher.com.

“We’re offering low summer prices to our music editor software in order to make them affordable to low income customers, especial young people who account for most of music enthusiasts”, said Louise Anderson, Brand Manager in charge of Music Morpher line. “In the summer, students have more free time and we hope we bring them the opportunity to explore their talents in music. We know that there are a lot of youngsters aim to the music industry in the near future out there.”

According to the website and its sister, AVnex Ltd.’s homepage, www.audio4fun.com, Music Morpher Gold is now priced as low as $69.95 (list price is $99.95), while lighter editions Music Morpher costs only $29.95 (normally $49.95) and MP3 Player Morpher is charged $14.95 (normally $34.95).

This promotional program will last until the end of summer 2007 only.

At the same time, Music Morpher Center is conducting a marketing research on their Music Morpher products. Users who take the survey will be able to get a gift coupon to buy Music Morpher Gold at 50% OFF. For those who own lighter editions of MP3 Player Morpher and Music Morpher will get the highest edition free. For Music Morpher Gold purchasers, they will get a free VIP Silver card (normally $150).

If users are interested in an additional interview, they will receive more gifts from Music Morpher Center. The survey for users who have not purchased any product of Music Morpher can be reached at http://www.musicmorpher.com/survey-for-valued-members.php.