Audio4fun Christmas Corner is now cheerfully boasting a wide range of free Christmas stuff for users to enjoy and download at //funny-stuff.audio4fun.com.

Christmas is a very special, festive occasion that brings out the best in people. Everything Christmas HERE: Christmas ringtones, Christmas sounds, Christmas audio clips, Christmas jokes, Christmas photos, Christmas melodies and remixes, Christmas flash, Christmas cards and so much more at your ideal place to discover wonderful gifts for your holiday season.

AVnex Ltd. – AVnex Ltd. is going to launch its Christmas and New Year promotion for the 2007 season’s greetings at //www.musicmorpher.com/special-offers.htm.

At the press conference to announce the Christmas promotion, Louise Anderson, Brand Manager for Music Morpher line said, “Even this early in December, we’re already receiving the very first greetings of the season from our partners and customers. We, in return, want to thank everyone for all of their support, especially from our loyal customers, all year around.”

MusicMorpher.com, the home for music editors, holds a small song quiz for all viewers at //www.musicmorpher.com/special-offers.htm

Just answer two simple questions and win the fabulous coupon to purchase Music Morpher Gold.

Today, AVnex has officially announced the release of AV Video Karaoke Maker version 1.0. This newbie software is given out for free at //dvd-player.audio4fun.com/video-karaoke-maker.htm .
AV Video Karaoke Maker is a standalone karaoke mastering tool for home karaoke enthusiasts.

Today, at the headquarters of AVnex Ltd, Audio4fun.com confirmed the release of Video Morpher 3.0, the company’s latest video editing software. The product is now featured at //www.audio4fun.com. Video Morpher 3.0 replaces last year’s Movie Morpher Gold 2.0.

The new release includes a lot of notably new and enhanced features, such as the Dubbing module, a lot of new Nickvoices, Parody Maker, surround sound, and Vista compatibility. It also consists of a faster DVD grabber/ripper with the new ability to grab a set of chapters from a DVD. Moreover, the Converter module now supports WAV and MP3 outputs.

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