According to AVnex QC Executive Jin Terry, the most advanced webcam software AV Webcam Morpher Gold 1.0 is going to be released. “Everything is going well, except some minor bugs. We are working hard to have it released at the end of this month”, said he “We hope to have 10,000 downloads in the first week”.
As unclosed, the lighter edition of AV webcam chat software series- AV Webcam Morpher 1.0 has reached the total number of 150.000 downloads just within the first 3 weeks. This shows Internet users, especially webcam chatters are really interested in this kind of webcam kit.

Check whether your soundcard is Full Duplex or Half Duplex as follows:

- Start two copies of the Sound Recorder. (Start –> Programs –> Accessories –> Entertainment –> Sound Recorder)

- Load a wave file into one of them (File menu –> Open –> you can probably find some wave files in C:WindowsMedia)

- Play the wave file on the first Sound Recorder.

- While the sound is still playing on the first sound recorder, hit the record button on the second sound recorder.

- If you receive no errors, your sound card is Full Duplex.

If your sound card is Half Duplex, contact the vendor www.soundblaster.com or check out at the following page to find out more about sound car

Finally the long-waited AV Webcam Morpher 1.0 is released. This new webcam software is really an innovative in virtual reality techonology. More info on this video chat software can be found here. Also don’t forget to visit AVnex’s promotional program now to enjoy exclusive offer as the first ones who use its Webcam Morpher.

Nicosa, Cyprus- Audio4fun.com just released the Custom Build of Music Morpher and Music Morpher Gold. , which is an extremely good news for the whole Affiliate Community of this company.

Ms. Helen Le –Sales and Marketing Manager said, “This Custom Build is for all of our Affiliates so that they can handle the trial and order links easily”

In present e-commerce, distribution channel through Affiliates, especially for IT products, is enjoying a boom; everyone is jumping on the band wagon, trying to take use of the time. Everywhere is Affiliates and Commissions. But it is not that comfortable with those.


Audio4Fun.com – Audio4Fun (aka Avnex Ltd.) has kicked off the biggest promotion week of this year with an imposing program: Buy a tool, get a free kit.

Audio4fun’s store has welcomed an astonishingly great amount of visitors and achieved a record of 50 orders per day since the program started. “Buy a tool, get a free kit” is based on the demands of customers who want to try a new product of a different range, such as freely using a Music Morpher to edit music when buying a Voice Changer Software for his business or online entertainment. Tool – kit package is also useful for combining the two products for a distinctive purpose.

The promotion program which is for all the highest valued products includes four packages: High-tech fashion (Free Music Morpher for any purchase of Voice Changer Software Diamond); Speed of sound and voice (Enjoy melodious songs with Music Morpher Gold and own Voice Changer Software Gold); Desirous combination (Get Voice Changer Software as a freebie when buying DVD Player Morpher Gold); Lucky VIP (Buy VIP Silver Card to pick all products in Audio4fun’s mall and be served a free DVD Player Morpher).

“Audio4fun always try to listen to the customers and this time we don’t set profit as our highest priority”, said Helen Le, Sales and Marketing Manager of Audio4fun, “We know not many people can buy two products of different ranges at the same time even though they really want to have both. This is a good chance for them. However, the promotion week is only from 15 May to 22 May so everyone should act right today”

All the packages are now available in Audio4fun’s store: //www.audio4fun.com/promotion.htm

About Avnex Ltd.:
Throughout many years of development, Audio4fun has been promoting audio and video software technologies and specializing in three core areas: Audio and Video Morphing Algorithms, Audio and Video Stream Interception, Audio and Video Real Time Effecting and Webcam Morpher. The wide range of products of Audio4Fun is detailed on //www.audio4fun.com


Website: //www.audio4fun.com
Email: media@audio4fun.com (attention to Chris Martin)

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