You have a sound file but don’t know how good or bad it is? You want to know the exact quality of it in case you use it for recording, converting, mixing with other files later, and so on? We will show you how to get actual quality of a certain stream.

Step 1: Go to Skin menu and switch to Classic Skin.

Step 2: Start playing a song, which you intended to record later, to check its quality out.

Step 3: Get the actual quality of a stream. As soon as the song is played, the sound channel (mono or stereo) and frequency (e.g.: 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz) will be automatically placed at the specific position that complies with the quality of playing song and you will not able to move it any more, except for stop playing the song.

With Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 built-in Recorder, you can record voce input from many sources: mic, chat or PC phone conversation, music online audio… and save your recording in various formats. This is perfect for creating and editing different voices used in movies, presentations, website. And knowing the quality of playing stream (playing from any media player) will make editing later become easier.

You know that a cassette tape can’t store so many songs as a CD or DVD, let alone your computer. You have an old favorite song in a tape but you’re afraid that it will be worn out? Audio4fun Community will help you.

Step 1: Connect your cassette to your computer using a cable with two 1/8-inch jacks at two ends. Plug one end in the Line-In input of your PC soundcard, and the other end in the headphone plug of your cassette player.

Step 2: Adjust the Windows Volume Control. Remember to adjust volume for Recording and check the Line-In and then lower the volume slider for better recording results. (more…)

In this quarter, AVnex Ltd. will release the long-awaited Voice Changer Software (VCS) 5.0 along with the new Movie Morpher 2.0 upgraded from DVD Player Morpher Gold Edition. Our developers have announced that, as of today, VCS will still include 3 editions while Movie Morpher will enter the stores with 2 editions.

No solid dates for the above mentioned software unveiled, but our developers did offer details on how to expect the next upcoming releases. Among the major changes and fixes expected in VCS 5.0 and Movie Morpher 2.0 are new added modules named Sound Quality Meter and Movie Voice Dubbing, respectively.

Summer is around the corner. Do you and your family plan something to do or somewhere to go? If you’re confused with your many choices, why don’t you take a look at Audiofun Summer Fun Guide for other options? Especially, in this summer, you can own the new Webcam Morpher and VoizGame for free if you buy Voice Changer Diamond or Music Morpher Gold, respectively.

According to Jenny Le, Audio4fun PR Executive, the new edition of Webcam Morpher 1.0 was released on June 23. The latest news about this event is detailed in Audio4fun News Archive at //www.audio4fun.com/promotion.htm.

The current release of Webcam Morpher is serving to keep chatters connected with webcam chat rooms, functioning as hardware as well. That means users need not buy a webcam to use the program, though a good webcam is recommended for them to record precious live moments of chat, or produce video clips.


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