You know that a cassette tape can’t store so many songs as a CD or DVD, let alone your computer. You have an old favorite song in a tape but you’re afraid that it will be worn out? Audio4fun Community will help you.

Step 1: Connect your cassette to your computer using a cable with two 1/8-inch jacks at two ends. Plug one end in the Line-In input of your PC soundcard, and the other end in the headphone plug of your cassette player.

Step 2: Adjust the Windows Volume Control. Remember to adjust volume for Recording and check the Line-In and then lower the volume slider for better recording results.

Step 3: Record music from the tape. Open Music Morpher Gold 3.0 and click Recorder button to start recording. We suggest you focus on playing the tape because Music Morpher Gold automatically functions and you can edit as well as playback the recorded song later.

Step 4: Edit the recorded song. Add effects, edit tempo, increase volume, etc. You can do almost anything to make the song as perfect as you want.

It’s very easy to convert a cassette tape to a digital MP3 or WAV or WMA. All you need is the latest version 3.0 of Music Morpher Gold.