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Yahoo! Audio Search

Yahoo Audio will not include songs from file-sharing sites such as Kazaa and Grokster, which are often used to trade copyrighted music. If a record label complains about any song featured on the site, Yahoo Audio will take it off the list. (According to USA Today)

Updated: Yahoo is NOT the first one with such a meta-search and rev share service: San Francisco based GoFish Technologies has had a similar compare-and-buy service for some time now.

Ringtones are the number one thing people download with their cellphones, and wallpapers are the second.

Most ringtones are sold through WAP push. It means when you request a ringtone, a text message is sent to your phone with a link where the tone can be found. You then use your cellphone’s wireless web browser to get to the link and (more…)

- Click on Advanced button on the module bar to open AV Advanced Morpher.
- Add your file to the playlist.
- Click on Effect Library on the right of the window, choose Special Effects. There are several effects able to enhance the sound quality of your songs. Some can be listed as 2 Order Equalizer, 4 Order Equalizer, AutoLoudness, Volume, Noise Reduction, etc.
- Combine them by creating a new complex effect and apply them all to your song.
- After getting everything OK, press “Morph selected files” to start morphing your song.

Step 1: Open a song
- Open AV Music Morpher Gold and click Editor on the module bar to open AV Wave Editor.
- Click the Open File button on the toolbar to import a song into the module.

Step 2: Play the song
- Play the song by pressing Play button on the Player panel.
- Remember to turn on the Equalizer to enhance the sound of music. You can adjust all bands to your taste or choose an available preset by clicking the Presets button.
- Listen to it carefully and select a part of vocals to morph by clicking and dragging the mouse.
- Press Copy button on the toolbar (or Ctrl-C).

music tutorial


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