1. Adjust the Advanced Tune close to O and do not set all Equalizer bands too high to have a clearer voice.

2. Use a headset (instead of a microphone and speakers separately) to avoid echo and static.

3. If you are bothered by the background noise, do not worry. Double click on the small speaker in the right corner of your taskbar > the Volume Control comes up > Options menu > Properties > check “Recording” and all recording controls in the list > OK > the Recording Control comes up > select Microphone and drag its volume down till all extra noise disappears.

4. For more convenience, open the Volume Control (the small speaker in the right corner of your taskbar) and check the MUTE box under Microphone. By this way, your original voice is muted, and you can hear only one voice output – the altered voice.

5. Remember to turn off VCS while playing back recorded files by other audio players. Otherwise, they will be morphed one more time, and the quality will not be as good as what has been set.