Most of us may have the idea of disguising our voice once in a while for some purpose, especially small kids. Today, a wide range of voice changing tools are developed, both for kids and business purposes. Simple ones are masks for kids that can change voice to some other voices, and a small box used for mobile phones which can switch among 4-6 voices or so.

Digital voice changers make a great step further. Any voice or sound that goes through a computer can be changed dramatically thanks to the voice changing software, i.e. voice chat, IP phoning, computer recording, music playing, internet streaming,… There are more great possibilities you might want to discover:

Change voice freely by adjusting voice values. Some voice changing software can change voice by adjusting voice pitch rather than choosing among a limited number of voices. Voice Changer Software ( provides more adjusting possibilities: voice pitch, voice timbre, and voice frequency.

Change voice in real time. Perhaps the coolest function of voice changer software is that it can change voice right a way. Speak to the microphone and you may laugh the first time hearing your strange voice. Chat addicts now can have tons of fun: they can disguise themselves in voice chat.

Change any audio that goes through the computer. If you want to change voice or audio that is played or recorded from an audio device, say, a CD/DVD/karaoke machine, then all you need to do is to get it lined in to your computer and voice changer software will do its part.

Fake identity? So far Avnex, the author company of Voice Changer Software, claims this possibility as an advanced achievement in voice manipulation, although there are still many different opinions on the morality of its applications. So if you can fake someone’s voice, what do you think you would do with it?