Here are few steps you can make your web site sing:

1. Get audio source

You can record your own audio from microphone with either Music Morpher or Voice Changer Software. However, if you want to record internet broadcast audio, chat conversation, or PC phone conversation, you will need to use Voice Changer Software because this software can record from any source you can have. There is always the simplest way, which is to look around for an existing audio file; Music Morpher supports mp3, mp2, wav, wma, ogg, nist, ape, aif, au, irc formats.

Free download software here: //

2. Make audio clip

MP3 format is ideal to put your file in for the compressed file size and good quality sound. Free Basic version of Music Morpher allows you to change voice pitch (man/woman…), change tempo (faster/slower), change volume (louder/softer), add and mix effects, copy, cut, paste segments, mix multi channel. It is not wise to make big audio file for web site. Ideally, make a short clip of 10-15 seconds and have it looped later if you wish.

See free tutorials here:

3. Put your audio/video in a Flash movie (.swf format)

Macromedia Flash allows you to make frame animation, import image, video and audio file, synchronize audio video, loops movie, play movie upon web site navigation action…

4. Put the Flash movie on your web page.