As widely expected, Google waded into the instant messaging space today with the debut of Google Talk, an Instant Messenging client that also offers the ability to make voice calls between computers.

You have to have a Gmail account to get Google account. You can download Google Talk here

As said, Google’s got a real challenge in weaning people away from existing clients. Just look at the installed user bases of its rivals, from figures comScore sent out yesterday to the media. Figures are the millions of unique visitors each service had in July 2005

AOL AIM (for non-AOL subscribers): 30.9 million
MSN Messenger: 23.3 million
AOL AIM (for AOL members): 23.1 million
Yahoo Messenger: 21.6 million
AOL ICQ: 1.8 million

One thing Google hopes will help is that it supports an open standard known as Jabber that lets IM clients talk to each other. More correctly, it lets clients that want to talk to each other talk to each other. Those using Trillian will be able to talk with Google Talk and vice versa, for example. However, Google said AOL, MSN, and Yahoo users won’t be able to connect, as those clients aren’t supporting this protocol. That’s something they hope will change.

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