Internet phone-What is it?

In addition to the old-fashioned phone lines, now we can use an Internet Phone service to send voice through the Internet. In general, we just plug the current telephone into a small box provided by our Internet phone company. That box, in return, plugs into our broadband connection. Pick up the phone to get a dial tone and press numbers on the keypad to call the person we want to talk with. We can call anybody in the world who has a phone. Alternatively, some services have softphones: our computer becomes our telephone, and we talk via a handset or a headset plugged into USB ports.

It saves money
With Internet phones, we can save a lot of money due to their extremely cheap price or even free. Now with an Internet phone, we not only can call buddies near us but also talk to our relatives oversea.

Not area code anymore
Because Internet phones work independently of any local exchange, we are not tied to any one area code. This means that we can take our phone number with us moving. So it?s as easy as packing the adapter we get from our service provider.

Besides, we can also get great integration with our computer softwares. Some systems send all our voicemail to our e-mail in-box and let us dial phone numbers directly from Outlook. Most interesting, we can use Internet phone together with Voice changing soft wares to change or enhance our voice. For this, AV Voice Changer Software (Diamond best) is recommended.