Step 1: Open a song
- Open AV Music Morpher Gold and click Editor on the module bar to open AV Wave Editor.
- Click the Open File button on the toolbar to import a song into the module.

Step 2: Play the song
- Play the song by pressing Play button on the Player panel.
- Remember to turn on the Equalizer to enhance the sound of music. You can adjust all bands to your taste or choose an available preset by clicking the Presets button.
- Listen to it carefully and select a part of vocals to morph by clicking and dragging the mouse.
- Press Copy button on the toolbar (or Ctrl-C).

music tutorial

Step 3: Save the ringtone- Press New File on the toolbar to open a new window, then click on Paste (or Ctrl-V).
- Open the File menu, choose Save As, type a name and select mp3 format for this ringtone file.

Note: You may refer to other projects and apply some effects on the file to make it a unique ringtone of your style.