The program will begin on March 10, 2012 and is open to all’s visitors. is going to made it possible for visitors to the site to receive fully-featured software products free through their new Product Giveaway Program. And as the opening offer, AV Video Morpher has been chosen to be the featured product. The first Giveaway Program will be started on March 10, 2012, but as early as today, visitors can learn all the details of the program, as well as become a fan of the program so that they will be ready when the day arrives. Visit the website at to find out how.

AV Video Morpher is one of Audio4fun’s most popular software products, and is known as the all-in-one movie editor for personal and home entertainment. The program is excellent for playing movies and video clips, as well as for doing other video editing tasks such as adding subtitles, voice dubbing, adding audio and video effects, video format converting, video clip cutting, etc. AV Video Morpher is also able to capture video images, remove voices from video clips, so that you can replace them, and burn DVDs. However, the best known feature of the program is its library of diversified, real-time audio and video effects that are perfect for creating high-quality video clips with less effort, especially for the novice users.

“We have co-operated with the website system to run product giveaway programs on their website. From what we have observed so far, our products have received a lot of attention, and after each offer we received so much great feedback from users about our products, and that process was very useful to us in understanding users’ current needs and what we can do to make the programs better,” said Tracy Nguyen, Brand Manager of “However, because the Giveaway Programs were run on their website, there were certain limitations on what we could send to our users. So there came a day when we started to think that we should build our own Giveaway Program on our website, to especially serve our users, and provide them with more benefits,” added Nguyen, “We are really looking forward to starting the program; we even marked the day on our calendars as our ‘Big Saturday.’”

From what has revealed, their first Product Giveaway Program will be opened to all their visitors on one specific day – March 10, 2012. Users who get that product installed with the license provided on that day will receive a free, full retail version of the product; they will also receive many other special benefits from advises visitors to become a fan today in order not to miss the Big day of the program, as well as to keep users updated about the program activities. Fans receive other benefits, including email notifications.

The first Product Giveaway Program by will be started for only one day on March 10, 2012, and will be applicable only for AV Video Morpher – the all-in-one home video editor. Visit their website at to get for more information, and become a fan of the site so you will not miss the exciting offers from them.

By Tara Nguyen announces today that the Chinese version of its best known product, AV Voice Changer Software, has just been released with simplified Chinese characters. For more information, visit //

AV Voice Changer Software is a software program that helps to change voices. It allows users to record their own voices and to mimic anyone’s: from baby to girl, boy, old man and woman; or change voices taken directly from computer applications like online media players or CD players thanks to its audio and video stream inception. The program also provides dozens of audio effects to alter the resulting sound output. AV Voice Changer Software also works well in real time with instant messaging programs like Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live Messenger, Google Talk, and Skype, etc., as well as online games. The program can be used for entertainment, as well as for professional purposes.

“The demands for our products in mainland China have increased considerably in the past few years. That is the reason for this localization into simplified Chinese,” said Tracy Nguyen, Brand Manager of, “Young people account for a large percentage of the Chinese population and they need new ways of entertainment. By localizing Voice Changer Software, we hope to bring young Chinese hours of enjoyment.” is best known for its high-quality multimedia solutions, especially Voice Changer Software. This is the first time the software program has been localized into the language of over one billion native speakers, with the hope that Chinese customers will feel more at home while using it.

“We are translating the help file into Chinese and will release it as soon as possible, so that Chinese users can use Voice Changer Software more easily,” added Ms Nguyen, “We are also considering localizing our other products into Chinese. Actually, it’s only a matter of time.”

On this occasion, offers customers our AV Voice Changer Software Chinese at a 40% discount in order to celebrate the release. This special offer will run through October 07. This is a great opportunity to buy the Voice Changer Software at an economical price. For more information, go to //

By Lawrence Tran has started their Back To School sales program on their website for the two leading software products: Voice Changer Software 7.0 and Webcam Morpher 2.0. Purchasers during this time will also get a collection of summer-theme sounds for free. The offers lasts till the end of 19 Aug, 2011, so reach the store soon at //

For this occasion, the two programs are offered at 30% discounts. Popularly used by young online users,  these programs have many funny applications suitable for them, especially in instant voice and video chatting. The sound pack that will be provided with the product can be used as background sounds while chatting, for video clips, or use as ringtones for mobile.

“A new school year is on the way. No matter how much students are looking forward to meeting friends again and sharing summer memories, they must feel a little sad as the long vocation comes to an end,” Said Tracy Nguyen, Audio4fun’s brand manager, “This promotion program bring students interesting tools with attractive prizes to help them enjoy their fun until the last minutes of their summer vacation.”

Those who love voice chatting will have lots of fun with Voice Changer Software 7.0. This software is a simple, light tool that allows users to easily morph their voices into virtually any other voice. This is a way to have fun with old friends online. Also, Voice Changer Software 7.0 can help students make creations with their voices. They can sing, narrate, add effects to their summer videos, and surprise their friends.

AV Webcam Morpher 2.0 provides a brand new experiences in video chatting. With many diferent “nickfaces” and a set of actions for each “nickface”, users can easily appear to be someone else. Tricking friends has never been so easy. For more creations, AV Webcam Morpher has tools that allow users to create their own “nickfaces” by using recording videos.

Students can also express their own personalities with Audio4fun’s summer sounds, prepared especially for the summer time. They can use them as ringtones for phone or make it the background sounds of their unique summer videos. However, the package is available for purchasers or fans of Audio4fun’s Facebook page.

“Students need relaxed and refreshed minds to be well-prepared for the hard learing days ahead. So these programs can also be an ideal present for parents who want to encourage their children or their friends in the upcoming school year”. Added Ms. Nguyen.

The discounts for Webcam Morpher and Voice Changer and the free download of the sound pack will not last for long, so visit the store soon to get the deal before it ends //

By Elisa Rowe today announced the initial release of AV MIDI Converter 1.0, a fast and easy-to-use utility specifically intended to convert MIDIfiles to various formats including MP3, AAC/MP4, OGG, FLAC, and WAV. The program is provided completely for free and can be downloaded at //

Although a small program, AV MIDI Converter 1.0 provides many exceptionally powerful features and benefits, as well as a user-friendly interface. With just a few simple clicks, users may convert, at the same time, as many MIDI files as they want to, without having listening to them at all, thanks to direct conversion. The default sound font is AVSOFT Supersound, but emphasizing individual taste and customization, the program allows users to choose their favorite sound font by importing the relevant .SF2 file for the conversion. It is also possible to set audio configurations, either for each input file one by one, or all of them simultaneously, to create the desired sound effects, particularly the volume of the song, reverb configurations (room size, damp factor, width size, level size), chorus configurations (stage, level, speed, depth). A built-in player helps preview the output files and adjust the settings until the songs sound exactly as the user pleases.

AV MIDI Converter also allows users to define the wave output (sample format, sample rate, buffer size, buffer count, audio channel, and audio group) and set the codec for each of the output file types.  For professional musicians who composeMIDImusic with digital pianos or keyboards, AV MIDI Converter is indispensable as a tool to quickly and conveniently convert their works to more popular formats. For those who are not in the music industry, AV MIDI Converter is great fun to play with. The conversion ofMIDIfiles may serve various purposes: sharing them with anyone, burning them to an audio CD, or playing them on portable MP3 players such as Apple iPod. Besides using other free programs or free trial versions from, the user can mix the resulting files with their own singing voices and morph the music, thus turning their own PC into a fully functional home audio studio.

To learn more about MIDI Converter 1.0 and download the program for free, go to //

By Lawrence Tran “Speak like a President” video contest has gone through a dramatic voting stage with many interesting twists and turns. The two winners have been announced; however, it was the close race during the final voting stage that made the contest thrilling, not to mention the excellent videos created by all of the contestants. The finalist video clips are still available for watching at //

“Speak like a President” is a video contest to celebrate the US’s Independence Day sponsored by From the very beginning, the event has received a lot of interest from people around the world. 30 videos were submitted; to ensure the quality of the event, eleven finalists were chosen by Audio4fun’s staff to go into the voting stage.

For this first contest, “Speak like a President”, Audio4fun decided to have two top prizes awarded. One was set to be selected by the viewers, just like a presidential election in real life. This ‘election’ was done through the 6-day-long voting stage, based on the number of votes for each finalist video. This prize was called the “Most Favorite President”. The other winner was selected by Audio4fun’s judges, based on certain criteria regarding the acting skills; the sequence of the video’s script and the speech made by the contestants, and was named the “President Twin Choice” prize.

For the first couple of days of the voting phase, one of the finalist videos kept the leading position most of the time – it was the video made by M. Hickey. But as the final days of the voting phase arrived, a race among three finalist videos occurred: the video by M. Hickey, the video by J. Reedy, and the video by A. Koss. The voting numbers of these three videos were not only much higher than the votes for the other clips, but they also competed with one another.

“There were times when we had just hit the Share button on our Facebook wall to update the top 3 video votes, the number changed, so did the order of the videos in the vote list,” said Tracy Nguyen, Brand Manager for During the last hours of the voting time, it came down to a close race between M. Hickey and J. Reedy; of course neither wanted to lose the race, and it was down to the last minute before we could assure who had won the prize.” J. Reedy was the winner of the “Most Favorite President” with 275 votes for his video, 9 votes surpassing the vote for M. Hickey’s video.

“The race was exciting. We checked the vote number each five minutes; we couldn’t take our minds off of the contest neither at night nor on weekends. There was always someone who was assigned to follow the contest in real time,” Ms. Nguyen continued commenting on the actual progress of the contest, “We were fluttering when the leader changed as if we were the contestants ourselves.”

As for the other prize in the contest, the “President Twin Choice” prize, Audio4fun’s judges had a difficult time choosing among the four candidate videos. “The videos were so amazing that we couldn’t decide which one was better. Some had a very well connected script, some had very excellent acting and costume, and some blew us away with exotically funny speeches. We had to make a list of criteria, examine each video base on it, and then make a strict evaluation for each video. It was a very hard decision for us,” said Ms. Nguyen. The final winner of the ‘President Twin Choice” prize was B. Jones-Cooper, who was the only female finalist. She created a striking resemblance to the First Lady Michelle Obama in her video and made a very hilarious speech as well. The prize was announced two days later than the other one.

“This is the first video contest we’ve ever held. We are extremely happy with the results. We are looking forward to holding more events like this to keep a creative space for our fans in which they can have fun and enjoy exciting moments,” said Ms. Nguyen.

Besides the iPad 2 and a VIP card for each winner, Audio4fun also gave away their voice master tool, AV Voice Changer Software, to 50 lucky fans who had cast a vote. The updates related to the contest, as well as all the finalist videos, are available for viewing on Audio4fun’s Facebook page. And to find out if Audio4fun is holding any special event in the future, follow their Facebook page at

By Clark Miller


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