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AV Voice Changer Software Diamond

Mar 20

Voice Changer Softwave diamond 9.5.33

  • File Morpher Optimization: Make the most of your CPU cores to process multiple
    audio files at the same time; Speed up morphing process; Reduce crash issue.
  • Virtual Audio Driver: Digital Certificate renewed.
  • Uninstall issues on Windows 10 solved.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Build update

Retired. Revivable. Who knows? You vote!

Unavailable to be in service for now.

AV Webcam Morpher

AV Webcam Mopher

  • When your ‘fake webcam’ can be that real. You do not have to equip a physical webcam, and there is even more fun when you pick from a generous library of 50 ‘nickfaces’ in all styles; sexy, naive, gentle, old, young, etc.
  • Controlling ‘nickface’ actions is simple. They talk, smile, laugh, dance, get angry, or flirt; all as easy as one click.
  • Also comes with Nickface Maker, which allows you to produce your own nickfaces.
AV Video Mopher

AV Video Mopher

  • The all-in-one home Video Editor with many different built-in modules: Video Player, Voice Changer, Video Voice Dubber, Audio Recorder, etc.
  • Supports many different video formats: AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, ASF, M2V, MP2, M2P, MOV, RAM, RM, and DAT.
  • Able to Burn DVD/CD.
AV DVD Player Morpher

AV DVD Player Morpher

  • More than a DVD or Video Player.
  • Enrich your viewing experience with a library of video effects.
  • Supports conversions to common video formats.
  • Integrated with VCD Burning Studio.