In a word – “Fun.” April Fools’ Day is one of the most light-hearted days of a year.
This is when you can play practical jokes and hoaxes on your friends without getting into serious trouble; all for fun. However, it’s just for the day, so be a nice trickster and play only harmless jokes!

“Justin Bieber got arrested for
marijuana possession”

Start your own rumor today. Create a reporter’s voice reading a late breaking bulletin; try overdubbing a news video with your own news. Save it and play it for your friends unexpectedly for a great April Fools headline gag.

“A hot chick asked me out today”

Dial up your best sexy voice and call a buddy. Tell them it would be great if you two can dine out tonight; then when they show up, play the voice for them and tell them “April Fools” and that they are still buying you dinner!

“Britney has just called me!”

Mimic your friend’s favorite
celebrity’s voice, and then call your friend, pretending that you have dialed a wrong number and you’re sorry for the inconvenience.


Do you have a player with a remote? Simply make a few mouse clicks to transform your voice into something horrific; add some scary sounds to increase the horror. Then record it and hide it in the darkest corner of the closet; invite your ‘victim’ in and ask them to get something in the closet; be sure to yell “April Fools” when they come screaming out!

“You cut classes today???”

Record your voice with some other sound effects: a door closing, door opening, a shower sound, a computer being turned on, talking, singing, etc. Hide the player somewhere in your room and go to school. When your mom hears that, she’ll be waiting for you after school and your explanation, so have a good one ready!

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